Yashasvi Jaiswal (Image Source: AFP)

Yashasvi Jaiswal is lighting up stadiums these days with his outrageous batting skills and fearless approach; the same stadiums he used to stare at during his formative years with the dream of owning them in the future burning relentlessly bright in his heart.

In these past 8 months, young Yashasvi has lived that dream infinite times against both the red and white ball, and every time he has achieved success, we have been reminded about his struggle days by the media.

It's all about perspective.  When you hear such deeply moving stories like Jaiswal’s, the natural emotion that comes out is sympathy. But, it would be a gross disrespect to an artist if we just focus on the this part, and not care enough to understand how the story has shaped him into present form.

We, human beings, are just a reflection of our life experiences. But, not everyone readily accepts it, especially if the experiences have been bad. This is where Yashasvi Jaiswal stands apart. Most public figures after achieving stardom would understandably be put off by the constant reminder of their tough days.

But, Yashasvi, by his admission, always feels good about it. "I have lived that story and it gives me confidence to keep fighting for the things I want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what happens, I have to keep fighting. If it happens, I will be happy. If it doesn’t happen, it’s okay, I will try again. This fighting spirit came from there only,” he told Hindustan Times earlier this year.

Jaiswal embraces his past. He admits that the past is what shaped him into the man he is today. And, whenever in strife, he always falls back to the days when even achieving a single meal was a struggle to gain perspective.

“People say struggle, but for me, it was a good life. And it has given me a lot — independence, the ability to look after myself, a fighting spirit, finding ways out of hard situations. So, sometimes when I don’t play well, or I’m down, I know how to accept it and absorb it,” he told HT.

In the past 3 years, and especially this year, Yashasvi has not only lightened up stadiums with his bat, but he has also given us enough reasons to be convinced that the qualities we are seeing today, their seeds were sown when he was young boy, whose heart was filled with dreams.

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Insatiable hunger

Yashasvi Jaiswal (Image Source: BCCI)

A hungry stomach is the greatest teacher in life. When we don't know where our next meal is coming from, we start to value every bite that comes our way. And the hunger keeps on increasing.

So, it is not a surprise that Yashasvi, who often used to sleep with an empty stomach during his teenage days, has always had an insatiable appetite for runs. He first stormed into prominence as a 14-year-old after he played a marathon knock of 319* during a Giles Shield match back in 2015.

And, since then, the hunger has only increased. The southpaw has already smashed 10 FC tons in just 17 matches at a staggering average of 81.19, and his corresponding List-A numbers: 1511 @ 53.96 with a top-score of 203 are a further testimony to that fact.

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Always ready to upgrade

Yashasvi Jaiswal lived his dream in IPL 2023 (Image Source: IPLT20)

Yashasvi realized very early in life that he had to constantly push the envelope to stay afloat in this super-competitive world.

He has applied the same principle in his cricket career so far, and it was on full display in the past season of the Indian Premier League.

Leading into the 2023 season, Jaiswal had grown a reputation of being a bit of a boom-and-bust player, who’d just smash his way during the struggle but struggled after the fielding restrictions were lifted.

Jaiswal knew that, and what happened next was for everyone to see. The southpaw not only retained his fiery, fearless approach but also showcased that he is no one trick pony as he kept carving out big knocks.

In 14 innings, Yashasvi went on to hammer 625 runs @ 48.08/163.61 with 6 50+ scores, and it's not just about the runs, it's how he scored them. The ruthless and yet very calm demeanor was reflective of the fact that there is a man, who has worked very hard in the background to own this stage. He is flamboyant and yet very classical.

The southpaw has carried his form in T20Is as well, giving the Indian set-up a much-needed breath of fresh air at the top of the order ahead of the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

Loads of Patience & ability to adapt

Jaiswal roared with full intensity on Test debut (Image Source: AFP)

In these past 7 months, Yashasvi has not only displayed his fearless attitude but has also showcased that he has an abundance of patience and the ability to adapt to different conditions.

He showed that in his very first outing in Test cricket in Dominica by carving out an innings that showcased his skills and temperament in glowing colors.

On a surface that was painstakingly slow and ridden with spongy bounce, Yashasvi batted like a seasoned pro, treating every ball on its merit, and moving on quickly to the next, irrespective of what had happened. 

Yashasvi Jaiswal on how he tackled adversity

“I always thought, I would manage,” said Yashasvi when asked about how he used to tackle monetary issues during his struggle days, which just about sums up his mindset. If lack of money can't faze a guy, what chance does a cricket pitch have?

The young southpaw batted for 501 minutes to carve out a 387-ball 171, and by the time he was dismissed, he had earned the respect of even the ‘purists’.

Fighting Spirit

Jaiswal roars after smashing a match-winning ton (Image Source: ICC)

When we are pushed into a corner, we have no other option but to attack. The feeling that we have nothing to lose just liberates us from all the preconceived shackles. Yashasvi wasn't pushed into a corner, he was born in one. So, fighting spirit comes naturally to him.

And, that’s been reflected in his short career thus far as he has more often than not owned the big stage, whether it's the U19 World Cup or the Ranji Trophy knockouts. 

As Yashasvi embarks on hopefully a long career for India across all formats, he will be faced with stern challenges, but the positive elements that he has accumulated in his personality from his life experiences thus far should keep him afloat.

Jaiswal will be faced with obscure conditions and a potent attack in South Africa next, and he will have to milk the versatility aspect of his personality to the hilt. Can he??? Well, to quote him, “He will manage”

There is a saying in Hindi, "keechad me hi kamal khilta hai", which basically means that, "lotus blooms only in mud", and Yashasvi Jaiswal is a living example of that. Long may he continue to bloom.

Featured Image Credit: ICC